Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two marriages in a row

It's been long since I have entered any post on my blog. So where was I busy? Hmm... forget that, lets see what's new. It was a marriage season. We Hindus are married in slots. In specific months of each year on very specific dates. We do not have a privilege to choose a suitable Sunday and get married in an hour. Our marriages are 'hoolah over the moolah'. I hate them. Why? Number one, they are very long. some marriages take three-four days and sleepless nights or even more to complete. Number two, they are expensive, mind it, very very expensive. Only the garlands over grooms neck are worth hundred-thousands. Number three, they are loud and crowdy. Number four, free-food and free-wine, provoke people to shout, dirty dance and fight.

No... I didn't get married. Actually I attended marriages of two of my best pals this month. Kapil and Narin, both are married now ['separately' for those who picked up their eyebrows. You should know that Rule 377 has been decriminalized :P]. Gone are the days, when they could gaze any girl top-to-bottom on the way and pass a comment over their assets. Gone are the days, when they could spend nights roaming around the city doing nothing important. Gone are the days, when they could fight with anybody in town just because he had squinted their friend. Gone are the days, when they could take the calls from anybody, at any hour of the day or night. Gone are the days of girl friends, of go-crazy-get-together's. Now their booze will be counted, their hours out of home will be kept record of. They'll have to give reasons for every decision they make. They'll now have to decide the colors for the things they haven't thought of ever. But this all is worth doing as they have got their better halves to complete themselves :)

I'm never going to forget that Kapil lost his 'wedding ring' just two days before his marriage and that he made me to shovel a big heap of concrete with bare hands to find that ring. I lost six precious hours of my precious life to find that precious piece of gold and diamond. I guess that was also worth it :) I just wish I never ever have to search for anything else related to his married life. It was one of the marriages where the 'dulha' (groom) was dancing alone on the Dance Floor. Nobody can match Kapil when he dances in mood, so he was left alone at a time. God bless him and Mili :)

Narin's marriage was one of the most ostentatious marriage I have ever seen. It was a typical Punjabi-marriage. There were Loads of edibles, Rivers of liquor, multiple cuisines, dancers in skimpy-skimpy clothes, charmers, pyro-performers, fountains of rose petals, fat men packed in suits that doesn't fit their size and beautiful ladies with ready-to-explode-bossoms. Narin and Meenal were looking awesome on the revolving stage under the shower of roses. God bless them too. I'm never going to forget how Narin was trying hard to make Meenal dance :P he he

Marriage season is proportional to illness. I also spent one week in bed due to this seasonal fever. I'm lucky I wasn't listed in this slot. Next slot will take at least six months, that means I still have atleast six months of freedom. Yes Guys! whether you want to accept it in front of your ladies, but you all know that man is free only when he is bachelor. So be envious of me :) he he till I join you jailbirds :)

No sketch this time. A lot of turbulence is going on in every front of the life, I'll try to sketch up something pretty soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gappu aur Kallu ki mulakat - Episode Two

Ok! so you guys like them in EPISODE ONE... well! first of all a lot of thanks for your lovely comments. Gappu and Kallu also have a friend named 'Chinks'. She is not as happening as her friends are but still a character is a character. So let me present to you...


[Chinks is sitting on a bench in park. Her head hanging down. She has headphones of her iPod in her ears. Gappu and Kallu come to her]

Gappu: Hey Sweets! why are you looking like someone has hung a watermelon to your neck?

Chinks: sigh!!

Kallu: What happened Chinks? Why are you sighing?

Chinks: Please leave me alone...

Gappu: I guess she had a fight with her boy-friend again

Chinks: [shouting] I haven't talked to him since ages

Kallu: And how many days are there in those ages?

Chinks: [sadly] five months

Gappu: Five months??? Gimme a break gal! are you still sad for the same guy. Come On! forget him! five months is a big time

Kallu: Hey! don't be so rude... but Chinks he has got a point... you should move on

Chinks: No! I have tried everything to forget him... but I just can't

Gappu: Hey! I reckon I should bring my videocam she is about to cry Ha! Ha!

Kallu: Shutup! Gappu

[Kallu sits besides Chinks and pull off her headphones]
Chinks! first of all stop listening to the songs which you have sung or heard together or dedicated to each other. Any song which reminds of him

Chinks: All the songs remind of him

Gappu: Come On babe! your iPod needs a break. Even it's bored by your songs. You need a new playlist. Fill your jukebox with 'I'll survive' by 'Gloria Gayno' or 'Party like a rockstar' by '
Shop Boyz'. Start listening to hip-hop or dance numbers

Kallu: Yes! Change your playlist... stop listening to what reminds of him

Chinks: ...but he is everywhere. All the faces seem like him

Gappu: because you are finding him. Still searching for him... Still hoping that he'll come around and say 'hey baby! wanna mingle?'

Kallu: Mind it! he's not coming back

Chinks: No! I don't want to hear it. If I had one more chance. If I could talk to him one 'last' time. I would do anything to have him back

Kallu: There is nothing like 'last conversation'. You can just start it all over again...

Chinks: yes! I want to start it all over again... I want to erase all the mistakes... I just want to hold him one last time...

Gappu: ... timeout! there is no back-gear. If, by any darn chance he comes back... then you both are going to repeat the same mistakes and after few months we'll again be having similar kind of discussion. Accept it hon! it's over

Chinks: No! I saw him. he was sitting alone and very sad in his class

Kallu: Are you spying on him? still... He could be sad for any damn reason or may be he was not , he seemed sad to you becuase you wanted to see this. It's about six months honey... 'five'...

Gappu: ...whatever... if you could have done something about it, you alr
eady would have

Kallu: Yes dear! Gappu's harsh but right. You are running behind shadows. There is no happiness there. Forget him... move on!

Chinks: It's easy for you to say... but I'm the one who is in pain. Anywhere I go, I find myself sitting besides him, I find myself talking to him, conversating with myself when no one is around, even now I can feel him sitting besides me on this very bench where we sat when we dated for the third time and then it occurs to me, that he.. is... gone... he left me... It's like... one of my body part has been ripped off...

[and then 'it' happened, what Kallu was afraid of. Gappu missed his videocam. Chinks started crying]
Kallu: Chinks! this is the time to make memories... not to endure them. There will be a time in your life when you'll laugh at these moments

Gappu: Yes! come out... make new memories in the same places. Throw some bashing parties in all those places where you still see him

Kallu: Yeah! like from now on... remember this is the bench where you thought about him for the last time. Spend more quality time with your parents, with your siblings

Gappu:...with us... your friends

Kallu: Yeah! go spendin'! buy too many gifts for everyone and anyone. Try to be funny

Chinks: I'm not funny. Actually I am not happy even

Gappu: ...then pretend. You know once a priest had a chance
to meet the Pope. He asked,"Father! I m loosing faith in lord. How could I tell other people to have faith when I am not having it myself". You know what Pope said? He said,"Fake it"

Kallu: Yes! if you are not brave, pretend it... no body can tell the difference

Gappu: Try to solve other people's proplems. Be a 'love guru'... now that you are hurt in love, you got more experience and more in-depth knowledge about so called 'love'. Use it for better good

Chinks: Whenever I see a couple I feel more alone

Kallu: Next time smile at them and wish them luck. Believe me they are gonna need it :) as... everybody is having a complicated relationship... those who are with somebody want to feel the freedom.. and those who are without somebody want to be tied

Gappu: You know one always have power to put the weight down, no matter how much heavy it is. Life has a purpose and if you are not doing something about your purpose, you are wasting time.

Kallu: Recently I had a chat with an old friend, he told me that he has broken his guitar, because it used to remind him of her. I don't suggest you to do something that aggressive, it was his way of moving on, but if it helps then go for it.

Gappu: Yes! don't try to find what he is doing. just think he is happy and boozing hard with his friends...

Chinks: How could he be happy when I am sad

Gappu: Helloo! you are not connected now... Ok... you never were... He is a free animal now... He is happy or whatever you just don't care.. you just should not care. If he is not with you, then he's just not worth it. It's only your libido which is raging. World is full of guys honey! the boy-girl sex ratio is 10 isto 7

Chinks: [angrily] What are you suggesting, should I go and hit on every guy I find on my way?

Gappu: Why not?

Kallu: No! Chinks! what he is suggesting is that you have to keep sending a message to your head that you are more free and happy. Just open yourself and be ready to accept whatever life is going to gift you. Trust me you got a lot in your kitty, you are just ignoring it

Gappu: yeah! you could concentrate on your career

Chinks: I don't feel like doing anything

Kallu: Stop scratching your wounds... give them time to get healed

Gappu: Yeah! someone told me once...'no pain can last forever'. Time is a big healer. You can also try joining some Yoga classes or any kind of other spiritual hoolah for the moolah. It helps... I can bet on that

Kallu: Point is... just get envolved in anything and everything ... Life is short, don't waste it dear on something which is not worth it... Move On! Delete his number from all of your contact lists. Don't text him, don't email him, don't call him.

Gappu: No! No! call him one last time and abuse him, as bad as you can or want to

Kallu: I won't suggest that

Gappu: Like anything else, bad days are also temporary. You've already wasted six months...

Chinks: ...Five...

Gappu: ...yeah! whatever, in this time you could have lost 1o kilos

Chinks: What??? Do I look fat?

Gappu: Not a bit chick! what are you doing tonight?

Chinks and Kallu simultaneously: SHUT UP!

He! he! I hope you liked the episode two too. Anyways, if you are in the corporate world, then atleast you are definitely going to like the cartoon which I have brought out this time out of my carton. Job culture is disgusting everywhere. I sometimes think that this department known as 'Management' is an overhead. But as Gappu and Kallu told Chinks, if you are fed up of a job (or are frustrated by a relation which didn't work out)... shoot it out... just remember to give it your best shot... once you are conviced that you have honestly done whatever you could to save it... then its the time to come out... to move on

Saturday, September 12, 2009

You care for a man... Let him plan

So it all happened a few days ago, when a friend of mine came to meet me after a very long time. We were together for about one and a half hours. Through out the time, either she was talking over the phone or she was text-ing messages on the phone, we even said our goodbyes while she was talking over phone. I didn't show her, but honestly it pissed me off. And I was not the only person who was getting irritated, the person on the other side of the phone would also be in the same agony. Actually she was insisting her boy-friend (person on other side of phone) to come to Noida from Shahdra(Delhi) at about 8 PM, just to pick her to Dhaula Kuan, the other end of Delhi. When she told me this, I was like 'What the F?" I said," You want a person to cross the traffic of Delhi at the peak hour, just to be your driver? Plus he is not nearby, he would be coming from about 20 KM, then he'll take you to some place which is about 2 hours run from here wihtout traffice jams. When would 'he' reach back his home?"
But it was none of her concern, she said calmy,"This is love. If he loves me, he'll do that. Atleast we'll meet."
Girls! take my advice. Being a guy I can tell you, this is one of the most torturous thing a girl can do to a guy. Testing his love by these filthy means. Think rational. How can you expect a person, who has attended the office throughout the day, to travel for about 5 hours just to meet you. Plus what do you expect this meeting would be like? It would be full of fighting and irritation, a blame-game. Then you girls say you 'care'. If this is care, then I would like to be harsh to say that you girls only care to call, to text, to talk, to meet, to cuddle, to carress, to tease, to satify your libido, to test his patience and to test his love. You don't care about 'him'.
If you girls claim that you care, then let him plan. Don't try to control him, just be controlled and he'll be controlled by you :) Ya! I know it sounds very complex. But so are relationships. I read somewhere that in a relationship, just 'Have a heart'. To take this advice, just 'Have a big heart' and let him do what he wants to and pretty soon he'll be doing what you have always wanted... and that also for life. Trust me on that!
One more thing, I know women are multi-tasking, but please keep your this skill aside when you have come to meet a guy. Better if you remember this next time :)

I created this picture of Radha and Shyam, a long time ago, but as I was ill yesterday and had a lot of time, I filled in some pencil colors and am presenting now, first colorful sketch out of my carton. Hare Krishna!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Gappu Aur Kallu ki mulakat - Episode One

Gappu aur Kallu ki mulakat means 'Rendezvous of Gappu and Kallu'. Hope you are going to enjoy it. So here comes the...

Kallu - A young guy who is going to be married soon to a girl of his parents choice (and now his own too)
Gappu - Kallu's friend who is married for 3 years to a very very beautiful girl (who was his girl friend for 8 years before marriage)
[More on their characters in the episodes to come ;)This image has been created by Ambuj Joshi. You can visit his blog anytime to appreciate more of his artwork]

[Kallu and Gappu meet after a few months in market and start gossiping about different things]

Kallu: Man! what have you told to Tikku about marriage, he's now scared to shit and have refused to marry for another five years.

Gappu: Don't laugh man! you're going to be married soon... then you'll be calling me from the bathroom and share your sad-stories with me.

Kallu: I don't understand... Sad stories??

Gappu: Yes my dear friend! no matter how much beautiful your wife is, you are going to get bored of her in six months. You don't believe me, ask Abhishek Bacchan.

Kallu: What are you saying brother? I man can never get bored of his wife. After all a man's libido never dies.

Gappu: Yes! but you can't eat same food daily to satisfy your appetite. For the first 2 months you are like one soul two bodies, always trying to be one body... all the time you are high, but after a period of six months a peck on a cheek is like climbing Mount Everest.

Kallu: How come? What brings so much of a change in so less of a time?

Gappu: Her policing... Where are you? Have you taken lunch? When are you coming home? Are you drinking? Are you smoking? Are you with those filthy friends of yours? Have you bought the curtains I have asked you for? Are they of the same color? ... and a ton of more such shitty questions which leave you with no time for yourself. What am I... her pet?

Kallu: But I guess this is because she cares? She loves you?

Gappu: No... more than that she HATES the idea of me enjoying with somebody 'else'. I am sure, every once in a while a wife dreams of her husband in the arms of another hot chick and that is the moment when she calls you... just to be sure.

Kallu: (smirking) that means you go around?

Gappu: (stoically) Do you think this little device (pointing towards cell phone) can let me go anywhere? Sometimes I think this thing has become another organ of mine. Bring me that jerk who invented this device. I severe, I'll kill him and if he is dead, I'll revive him to kill him again.

Kallu: I guess girls feel more secure when they are talking to a man over phone.

Gappu: Security? Yeah! Telephone is an assurance that the man is still under your control. It's like a collar in the dog's neck.

Kallu: Men are Dogs (Ha Ha Ha)

Gappu (laughs aloud) Yeah! so true. Stray dogs chained to their spouses (Ha Ha Ha)

Kallu: I think bro! you create a lot of fiasco about the marriage. You're exaggerating, it's not as hard if you just care about her.

Gappu: Care? Let me screw your 'care' thing. Suppose you are roaming with her in a mall. She is wearing this really hot dress and her bosom is ready to come out any time. And then out of no where some punks pass by squinting at her assets and commenting the same way you used to do when you were in college. Then what?

Kallu: I'll try to ignore it, thinking that they are just kids, I've also done a lot of that shit while I was in college or something like that.

Gappu: No man! she is your lady... How can you ignore this? Where is your "care" man! She might be expecting something from you. She may want you to do 'something', after all you are her MAN. You should do something heroic... kind of save her from the bad guys. That's another fantasy every woman have... 'Her man fighting 10-20 guys to save her from any damn thing'

Kallu: I'll bash the guys up.

Gappu: Hey! you ain't superman. You can't fight everybody in the street. Like you said earlier, Men are Dogs. How many of them would you stray off?

Kallu: I'll tell her not to waer such HOT dresses.

Gappu: Here... here you broke the ice... you blew the bubble here. Ha Ha. You can NEVER EVER tell her NOT to dress in a way she wants. This makes you narrow-minded... at least in her eyes :)

Kallu: (confusingly)This is very... weird.

Gappu: There is more to it. Throughout the way she'll keep telling you, "that man is not dressed well" or "The dress of that boy is really cool" or "the girl is looking really cheap in that dress" BUT man if she catches you having even a glimpse of a chick around you... then God save you that night.

Kallu: You are exaggerating again Gappu!

Gappu: Not at all man! moreover if she is looking at a jewelry item or a footwear, then be sure that she wants you to give that item as a surprise gift to her, and that also before you want to go to bed with her next time.

Kallu: (slapping his hand in the air) Beat it man! She is the house-holder so what if she wants something. You should be generous enough to give that.

Gappu: House-holder? Your own house becomes a hell once you are married. If your old ones have some problem with her, they'll never say this to her. They'll keep on squinting you or whispering in your ears, "Can't you handle her?", "Can't you tell her that this is not done". On the other hand, if she's not liking something about your mother, she'll not tell this to her mother-in-law, instead she'll tell you... YOU mother's son! What the 'F' man! Why don't they talk to each other directly, What am I? A kind of messenger or something?

Kallu: Gappu! the thing is they both love you a lot, that's why they are both jealous of each other. it's quite normal... just feminine.

Gappu: (throwing his hands up in the air) Yeah! the greatest irony of the life... Two females who claim to love you the most, make your life a living HELL.

Kallu: Whatever you say brother, one can not live without marriage.

Gappu: Sounds like... One can not live without sex. But trust me man, sex has nothing to do with the marriage...

Kallu: but love has...?

Gappu: Forget it! even 'love' has nothing to do with marriage. It's only a compromise. If two people, with nothing in common, just make themselves believe that "this is it, you have no way out, just bear it, keep smiling", then they are going to be called the good, happy couple. Otherwise, you know what...

Kallu: I agree... but there is something where I disagree... You said love has nothing to do with it. I guess 'no', as a few months back I had to stay in the hospital as I met an accident...

Gappu: Yes! I remember, I also visited you there

Kallu: ...Ya...there I saw a Man who was hardly more than 27 years, was having a number of multiple fractures through-out his body. And there was his wife, taking care of him, dressing him, feeding him and helping him in everything, as you could see he was not able to get out of his bed. Nobody was there to help her. Man's parents were too old to serve him. His siblings used to visit him often but... everybody is busy nowadays. She was about 24 or may be 25, but she was so selflessly serving her husband that I saw a lot of improvement in that man's condition in just a week. I stayed there for only one week. So what was it? Wasn't it love?

Gappu: These are the times for which we are forced by our parents to marry, if we are not interested in so called 'love' of our lives. Everybody is going to have ups and downs in the life. As human we are social animals, in our merry-times we need somebody to celebrate with and in our down-times we need somebody's shoulder to cry on. Friends are there, but they have their own lives, they can not be there forever. Parents grow old by the time you have to face the real difficulties of the life. At that time my dear friend! you feel the need for a partner. Who has time for you, shoulder for you plus the sex is bonus ;)
let me tell you a little secret... Men don't love, they just can NEVER EVER love. Their logical brains just can NOT interpret such a complex-out-of-logic thing called 'love'. They just get responsible, more 'loyal'... as you said, 'Men are dogs'
Thanks for keeping the patience to read this crap. It's OK even if you haven't read it completely, atleast you can appreciate the sketch above. The sketch have many sweet-sour memories associated with it. I really adore this item of my carton. Hope you'll like it too. Don't forget to post comments.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well! I was watching television at Didi's place and noticed that whenever we are watching television in a group (read in family) then there is a continuous fight for 'the' remote control. Why so? What do you think why everybody wants to keep that small box in their own hands? I think because everybody craves for control. Everybody wants to control the television. Everybody loves power and that small box known as 'remote control' gives you a sense of power, a power to control. That reminds me of a thought which says that we all are controlled. We all are in the illusion that everything is in our control and we can control it. We think that we can control everything, but can we? Put every question aside, just answer a simple question, can you control yourself? Well I was looking at my picture which was just a decade old. I saw that I had too much of hair over my head at that time. I was so lean and so young. I see at that picture and felt like that kid is dead. I am never going to be the one which I was ten years ago. I can't control it. I can't control even myself. I am being controlled and that makes me nostalgic. We spend all of our lives to get a little more control over our lives. Every bit of time we try to control the people around us, people we love, people we despise. But the irony is we are running behind our own tails. We are being... remote controlled. I don't know by whom.

Once more I have tried my hands on caricature. This time again the target is one of my colleague. Vaibhav Sharma is in my team and I am honored to have him by my side. He is the angry chimp of my team especially when it comes to girls. He just can't stand them but can't even live without them. That's why is also known as 'The Terrorist'. A rash driver, a defected piece, a slide mind but overall a good friend.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A serious one

'Srimad Bhagwad Gita' is one of my favorite books. I was reading it lately and a thought crossed my mind that the terrorists who like to be called as 'jehadis' must be teaching the same things to their pupils. Sri Krishna kept telling Arjun to stand and fight throughout the tome. Arjun being a great warrior killed millions in that war. I wonder, if my favorite book can brain-wash some innocent child, into being a terrorist or like that. Then I reckon that, besides telling his friend to fight, the Lord also told Arjun to stand for the righteous, he also told him the deep secrets of life, the ultimate truths of soul and a lot more which only a person with the true wisdom can tell. So I conclude that 'Srimad Bhagwad Gita' is the book of an ultimate source of knowledge, now it depends on the person how he/she wants to take it. If you get brainwashed by reading a granth like this or Holy Quran or Bible then, it is you who is to be blamed or the person who taught you this. Sorry for being so serious. Next time I'll try to be more funny... more like... 'me'
One Life... Why so serious? Enjoy!

This time I am posting my version of 'Arjun'. Anatomically, this sketch is NOT as good, but I felt good when I drew it... that was a long time ago.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

So you got time to remember me?

Have you ever faced this situation? I am sure you must have? OK. So I called one of my friends after a long time and instead of telling me that how she was or asking me how I was, she started cursing me. "So you got time to remember me? Haan Haan humein toh yaad hi nahi karta... hum toh dost hi nahi hain tere? [Ya Ya you don't remember me... I am not friend of yours]. We talked for about 5 minutes and all she did was to make me feel that I have done a terrible mistake by calling her. I don't understand why people do so. Instead of spending the time in asking about the person, these people waste their own and other person's time in lamenting about the past. I have one relative of mine [I won't name her]. She and her daughter are dexterous in this thing. I hardly have a chance to talk to them on phone. And believe my word, I am thankful to lord that I don't talk to them much. But whenever you call them, they'll start with all this bullshit and they can give you loads of it. Whether you talk for 1 minute or 1 hour, you have to pass through this mental torture each and every time. Through out the call they'll complain you about how irresponsible or heartless person you are. Or how much they have missed you. Or why you haven't called. But tell me, if they have missed me so very much then why haven't THEY called. I guess people do this, because they don't want the other person to start this. Because whoever starts first holds the upper hand. The game goes like this I guess. I hate this. This way people don't show that they care a lot, instead they waste the little time they could have spent asking for the wellness.

For quite some time, I was busy with the designing stuff and haven't got much time to draw. So this time, instead of any sketch, I am pasting some of the designs which got boxed down. These are in the trash-bin now and I am banging my head on my MacBook to churn out some new layouts. For a father, each of his children is equal, similarly for a creator, each of his creation is a master-piece. I don't expect you to like these pieces out of my carton... but your comments or critics are most welcome :) Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

India in 1835 and now in saggi jeans

Once more I encountered this piece of article... "India in 1835". I am proud that my India was having such a great culture. I was also reading an article in the newspaper which was related to 'saggy jeans' [Saggi jeans are the jeans which are even lower than the low-waist-jeans, so in a way they show most of your 'behind']. USA is going to ban those kind of jeans in their country. I hear it a lot that we Indians are following Americans all the time. We follow them in each and every kind of deed. They say the new generation is very much influenced by the western culture. Well I ask all my fellow Indians who is to be blamed? the new generation? Get Out!!! It's not the new kids who are to be blamed it's our ancestors. Our fathers, grandfathers, grand-grandfathers and forefathers, because they were the people who first fell for the western influence. If they were NOT influenced by the western culture back in the history, then our country would still have been a country rich of it's own culture. We have always been influenced by the western cultures since ages; so why blame new generations. The new generation is just following the legacy 'to follow the foreigners' which they have got in heritage. And I must say that they are following their forefathers very very honestly.
But as they say,"An old man gives good advice in order to console himself for no longer being able to set a bad example." That's exactly what our old men are doing. They are cursing the new-generation, because they want to hide their own mistake of following the foreigners. If you say this is not true, then I ask you that why was I fined in the school for NOT speaking in English. I was punished because my past generation believes that anything which is foreign is good. Our parents or the people of their ages or beyond have always made us believe, that whatever is imported is more worthy. We are just following our parents like good kids. That's our culture.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A bumpy ride on the edge

One more Monday... Normally it's impossible to enter a blog entry on a Monday, as Mondays are the busiest of the days, but somehow I have got time today. I wanted to say 'Luckily I got time...', but the thing is that, in these days of recession having free time in office is a quite dangerous thing. If you are blogging and that too from the office then that means your job is definitely in jeopardy. But then, this is life in a cartoon's way... 'A Bumpy Ride On The Edge'. A number of confusions, needs and compromises are going on but again this is life and I guess these 'things' are never going to seize, they will keep on coming, with different looks and different sizes.

What would you do, if you have got a complex mathematical equation to solve and you don't know the exact formula to solve it?
Option A: Keep on doing hit and trail to create your own formula
Option B: Look towards your nearby sheet for help
Option C: Leave the question and go out to have some air
Option D: Leave the question and start whining (or crying)

This question has nothing to do with Mathematics. This is a question which life presents us with everyday, ever moment. None of the options above is wrong, it's just that, whatever option we choose, defines our nature, our behavior, our ideas about living, or our... Attitude. Try to keep it positive. Have Luck!

The item which I have brought out of my carton today is again 'Hanuman' ji in some angry mood. I like drawing Bajrangbali because, He gives me too many options to explore. You can draw a great physique, can play with the hairs, can put some comic-put with the tail, you don't have to care much about face and above all, you get the blessings of the Lord. So go ahead and try it youself... Jai Bajrangbali :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cartoon was busy lately

It's been quite a while since I have added any entry to my blog... A lot happened during this period which kept me busy. My bro got hit [no.. no.. he's not a celebrity]. He just met an accident on 20th last month. I know he is a rash driver, but cursing him is not going to do any good to him or us. So lets cut the crap, he is now on bed with two screws in his left leg. Recovering fast... he's the man!
I also went to Salasar, Rajasthan to pay my obeisances to 'balaji' and had my head shaved too ;) [don't give me a look like I have put shit on my head].
Recession has affected the whole world. Sometimes I doubt that, is there really some slump going on or is it some kind of strategy which our so called 'bosses' have invented to fill in their pockets instead ot ours? Anyways this tragedy hit some of my chimps too :( There was a lots of politics, conspiracies, gossips, bitching and back-biting while all this laying off was going on and I was sincerly involved in all that. Ha! These all things have kept me busy lately.

I drew this while traveling to Salasar. I figured out that it's difficult to draw in a moving car. I 'll never try that again :P This time scanner didn't work as it used to and I used a different image editing software to clear the image. In conclusion, I messed this image up... but I wanted to share it, so enjoy and shoot me with your critics :) Jai Bajrang bali! God Bless you All!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cartoon trying hands on caricature

Caricature (pronounced as CARE-ick-ture) is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness, or in literature, a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others.
Recently I bumped into this cool website which was full of caricatures. I'm still drooling over it. I have always been a fan of cartoonists or specifically caricaturists since my childhood. I remember names like Shekhar Gurera, SaranDeep, Lata, R K Laxman, Ninan and many more which I have seen and waited for on the Newspapers and Magazines. I have loved their creations and was always impressed. So now I myself tried my hands on this form of art. Do tell me should I try more or do I really suck on this.

The subject which I have taken into account is my Sys-Ops guy. There is a word famous about him in our office. Whenever Sanjeev is on your seat, your machine is really in 'Danger' Ha! There is a very funny line related to Windows. "If the problem is small... Restart, and if it is big... Reinstall". I guess Sanjeev follows this too well ;) no offence.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I know love hurts... so what?

Once more, the same ol' topic of times...Love hurts... it hurts like anything... It gives you all the pain in the world, but then it's the fastest healer too. Ya! ya! I know time is the greatest healer... that's why I said 'fastest' not the greatest you dumbhead!. When I look around I find everybody in this pain. Everybody is hurt for the love of something or somebody. Vaibhav is ready to kill for it[not in the literal sense], Madhu is waiting for it, Manveen has lost it[or found it? nevermind!] and even the macho-man Harry is sad due to this; It's all love. These all chimps sit and pretend to work in the same office in which I am. If you know that you have got your love [and I am NOT talking about your girlfriend/boyfriend only] at your side, then nothing can stop you from being happy. But does it last forever? I doubt that. But you know, we 'humans' are a bunch of hypocritical animals. Whenever love hurts us, we try to find it in some other things, in a way we all change our so called 'love' time to time, day by day, but then nobody can love something for ever. If it were true then I still would have been loving my 'toy-horse' which my Masiji [My Ma's sister] gifted me when I was three. 'Love' changes, we do it, to overcome the pain begetted by the last 'love' of ours.
So guys if you think you are in real pain, then tell yourself, that it's time for a change. Start loving my blog [and post some 10 comments everyday] OTHERWISE do what I did, Go get it!

This time I am posting a religious kind of item. I drew this on the special suggestion of Vinay Thakur [another chimp!] when we were in the first year of B.Tech. I am posting 'Vishnu ji' this time because I really want him to bestow his blessings on you, so that you all can have the courage to claim your love or to start loving my blog. It's now your call!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho!

This is the time when India is enjoying (and few are cursing) the fact that 'Slumdog Millionaire' has won 8 Oscars. I am really proud and happy for A. R. Rehman. I have always adored his music. He must be enjoying the winning of two oscars and my roommate Narin is enjoying his engagement ;) Yeah! Yeah! he got engaged. This happened on Saturday. While I was watching DevD and fantasizing, he was actually talking to 'his girl for life'. He seemed happy when he talked to me, but like any other guy, he was afraid as his days of freedom are going to be over soon. With such a large circle of friends as he has got... this is really an issue for consideration, but life is a set of changes. 'We have been roommates for about eight years, now it's going to change', I told him. He said, 'It will take at least an year and maybe, by then you'll be married too. We'll continue to go for family tours.' Ha! we all keep on planning, through out our lives. Even when we die, a millions of plans remain unattended in our minds. So many plans and so many failures. So much pain. In short, throughout our lives we plan to get hurt.
Cartoons don't plan, they go with the wind. They are just a window to whatever has happened or is happening around, with no future and... no plan.

The College Library is best place to see the blooming of half of the college love affairs. You doubt that? Remember your college library or go to your college library [if you are still student], you'll find the topper of your class touching the guy besides her carelessly, at places and vice-versa ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emotional Atyachaar

I saw 'Dev D' last Saturday. The movie was all about 'I am slut'. I liked the movie. I liked the way the real nature of the boy-girl relationships was displayed in the movie. Paro was 'hot'. I loved it when she said, 'Mein pagal ho rahi hoon' on phone. First on phone, then in Dev's room, then near the gusalkhana, then the boldest and [the best ;)] scene 'ganne ke khet mein' [sugarcane fields], it was all about S. E. X. and I was sitting in the middle of two girls. lucky me! I am still confused whether she (Paro) had really done 'it' with her 'naukar' [Sunil] or not. Then there was Chanda. A sweet but spoiled child. A divine prostitute, sex worker, escort or like she said randi . I liked her role. And 'Dev'... phew! he was the biggest of the sluts, who screwed himself. I also liked the way the story writer has changed the ending from that of the conventional 'Devdas' [Don't ask me how... go watch movie]. Moral of the story: Indian Cinema is getting bolder and we have started talking about sex as another activity Ha! strange. [I wonder what my parents have to say about it ;) :P]
I also read ‘Of course I love you!... till I find someone better’. Once someone told me to read ‘P.S. I love you’ but I know that would be painful for me, so I ended up reading a book with almost the same name. Kiddin! ;) I just got this book from Manveen accidentally. For the first 100 pages the book was awful. I was cursing myself, why I started reading this. The book was full of mindless affairs, girls, kisses and sex, but then a breakup happened in the middle of the book and the other half of the book suddenly became awesome. The main character of the book was in agony, real agony. I sometimes think that its always other people’s agony which gives us pleasure. More the other person is in pain, more happy we are. Or may be the Newton’s law of energy applies to happiness also. ‘The happiness is constant. It can never be created nor be destroyed; It can only be transferred from one person to another or transformed from one form to another. Whatever, but I believe that you can spread happiness even in the most painful days of yours. Like ‘Deb’ in the book did for ‘Amit’ and ‘Astha’ [I liked that part a lot] or like I am doing by showing you this:

This item which I have posted today, reminds me of the days (rather nights) which we have spent copy > pasting the assignments and completing just a lecture before or sometimes after the due dates. Most of the engineers are dextrous in this at least ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exams were fun... like movies are

Yesterday I saw two movies... 'Seven Pounds' and 'Momento'. Both the movies have one thing in common... 'dead wife'. One more thing was common... 'Awesome presentation'. It has always fascinated me, the way directors (or editors) play with the time quotient in such kind of movies. 'Will Smith' is really great actor. It's not like that I haven't liked his acting skills in 'MIB' or 'Independence Day', but the movie which made him much better actor in my eyes was 'Hitch'. It seems to me that I watch too many movies. Day before yesterday, I was watching 'Something gotta get' starring 'Jack Nicholas'. That movie was really lovely.

The item posted above is another tribute to the Examinations. I have always loved exams as they have always given me a feeling that I am cool. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cartoon was hurt... but not physically... strange!!!

Pooh got married. She and Mohit were a looking very good as a couple. I was in Patiala for the same occasion which incredibly was on Valentine's Day. I’ve never given much of an importance to this day. I don’t know what is the need of this day in India, but I am not against it either. Instead I hate those who are opposing it or creating nuisance on this day by creating violence in the name of culture. The culture of the country which I know as India, as my country, is peaceful and accepting. We as Indians have accepted the cultures from all over the world, though with some modifications according to our own, but we have... accepted. Acceptance is our culture. Free thinking is our culture. We believe in ‘live and let live’.
For last few weeks, I was thinking through my heart. I don’t know why and how the sentimental guy inside me was on rage. That sentimental guy inside me instigated me to do things which I would have never done in my own self. Blame it on the love songs or the pheromones or the sketch which I have got on my wall, I was thinking of love whereas the truth is... there is nothing like love, it’s only lust. I guess once more I have touched the controversial topic of Love vs Lust. I am not so good at this love thing, so I think I should leave this topic. It can only hurt and it's not the first time that I am hurt. Also, I am sure that it's not the last. As Def Leppard says, "I'll love again" [may be the same girl ;)]. Enough of this love-bullshit, 'the Cartoon' can not think or love. It's heinous crime in my world.
Now lets get down to business. The sketch which I have pulled out of my carton today was tooned by me when I was teaching in CEC, Landran [Yeah! Yeah! I can teach too Ha!]
I guess you have also seen this kind of scenes while you were in college ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jolly Good Me

We do too many things, rather we spend our lives to be 'happy', but deep down we all know that it is a never ending quest. A war which we are never going to win. A pursuit which is never going to finish.
Why I am talking so pessimistically? Because I am not happy :) . I am NOT in my jolly-good nature. But I know that this will pass like any other phase of my life. The life goes on after-all. It's just a matter of days or may be hours if I am strong enough. May the almighty bless me with power to bear the pain which I have beget myself. Life is nothing, but a set of choices. We make it and then we regret.

By the way the item which I have brought out of my carton today is a picture of a direction-post near to my birth-place.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A sunny morning in Winters

Life can be lived in two ways -
  1. "Sab kucch theek ho jayega" means that "Everything will be alright"
  2. "Sab kucch theek hai" means that"Everything is alright
Either we can spend our lives waiting for a new dawn which will come through the darkest hours of our nights and spread up as happiness into our lives or we can keep on living like nothing bad is going on and all we have is now. All the happiness is now. There is nothing like a happiness which is to be found in the future.

Both these sentences are complete in themselves and in a sense both are incomplete. We can go on living with hopes for a better tomorrow or we can go on living with no awareness about tomorrow.

I think we should leave all those philosophical talks for now and concentrate on the item from the carton of the cartoon.

This picture is of my own kitchen garden in the backyard of my home. It was the sunlight which attracted me. A sunny morning in the winters is nothing but a precious gift.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Year 2008 is a history now. We have left it behind but, the memories are still fresh. Like anybody else can say, "A lot has happened to me in this year". In this post I am posting some of the photographs of the last trip which I had to my home. Office is a boredom now. The environment and the politics at the workplace sucks now. May be it's due to the global frustration which is happening around due to the recession. World is becoming a bad-place-to-live-in day by day. But still there is a lot to see in this planet. Like the picture above is a place in Kangra, which you can see if you can risk parking your car in the middle of a curvaceous road. I always wanted to capture this scene on camera.

This picture is of the narrow gauge running between Pathankot and Joginder Nagar. This is one of the oldest rails laid in Himachal Pradesh. This one was laid when India was a british colony and was ruled by the Englishmen. Sometimes I think that all the progress which our state has done was in that rule, after that we became a set of poor people somehow. I am not sure how but I truely want to see it more prosperous than it ever was. Amen!