Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cartoon trying hands on caricature

Caricature (pronounced as CARE-ick-ture) is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person or thing to create an easily identifiable visual likeness, or in literature, a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics and oversimplification of others.
Recently I bumped into this cool website which was full of caricatures. I'm still drooling over it. I have always been a fan of cartoonists or specifically caricaturists since my childhood. I remember names like Shekhar Gurera, SaranDeep, Lata, R K Laxman, Ninan and many more which I have seen and waited for on the Newspapers and Magazines. I have loved their creations and was always impressed. So now I myself tried my hands on this form of art. Do tell me should I try more or do I really suck on this.

The subject which I have taken into account is my Sys-Ops guy. There is a word famous about him in our office. Whenever Sanjeev is on your seat, your machine is really in 'Danger' Ha! There is a very funny line related to Windows. "If the problem is small... Restart, and if it is big... Reinstall". I guess Sanjeev follows this too well ;) no offence.


Riders On the Storm said...

I must say, Cartoon you are good, hmmm... excellent at the caricature, keep trying your hand on this wonderful art, and i would love to see you trying this caricature on V, I'm sure his caricature won't disappoint us [at least me ;)]

The Cartoon said...

thanks... sure thing... keep looking up

Mrs Brar said...

Ha Ha Ha great creature of God..Guess who...the cartoon or sanjeev...Of course The Cartoon..It is so good man ....Have Fun Guys...Not to forget sanjeev is really a problem fixer(by any means);)

vaibhav said...

hmm.. the cartoon is pretty good, we are expecting many more from u ;) and guys u can also find one of the finest caricature made by GOD itself.... its None other than H ;) hehe