Saturday, May 30, 2009

So you got time to remember me?

Have you ever faced this situation? I am sure you must have? OK. So I called one of my friends after a long time and instead of telling me that how she was or asking me how I was, she started cursing me. "So you got time to remember me? Haan Haan humein toh yaad hi nahi karta... hum toh dost hi nahi hain tere? [Ya Ya you don't remember me... I am not friend of yours]. We talked for about 5 minutes and all she did was to make me feel that I have done a terrible mistake by calling her. I don't understand why people do so. Instead of spending the time in asking about the person, these people waste their own and other person's time in lamenting about the past. I have one relative of mine [I won't name her]. She and her daughter are dexterous in this thing. I hardly have a chance to talk to them on phone. And believe my word, I am thankful to lord that I don't talk to them much. But whenever you call them, they'll start with all this bullshit and they can give you loads of it. Whether you talk for 1 minute or 1 hour, you have to pass through this mental torture each and every time. Through out the call they'll complain you about how irresponsible or heartless person you are. Or how much they have missed you. Or why you haven't called. But tell me, if they have missed me so very much then why haven't THEY called. I guess people do this, because they don't want the other person to start this. Because whoever starts first holds the upper hand. The game goes like this I guess. I hate this. This way people don't show that they care a lot, instead they waste the little time they could have spent asking for the wellness.

For quite some time, I was busy with the designing stuff and haven't got much time to draw. So this time, instead of any sketch, I am pasting some of the designs which got boxed down. These are in the trash-bin now and I am banging my head on my MacBook to churn out some new layouts. For a father, each of his children is equal, similarly for a creator, each of his creation is a master-piece. I don't expect you to like these pieces out of my carton... but your comments or critics are most welcome :) Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

India in 1835 and now in saggi jeans

Once more I encountered this piece of article... "India in 1835". I am proud that my India was having such a great culture. I was also reading an article in the newspaper which was related to 'saggy jeans' [Saggi jeans are the jeans which are even lower than the low-waist-jeans, so in a way they show most of your 'behind']. USA is going to ban those kind of jeans in their country. I hear it a lot that we Indians are following Americans all the time. We follow them in each and every kind of deed. They say the new generation is very much influenced by the western culture. Well I ask all my fellow Indians who is to be blamed? the new generation? Get Out!!! It's not the new kids who are to be blamed it's our ancestors. Our fathers, grandfathers, grand-grandfathers and forefathers, because they were the people who first fell for the western influence. If they were NOT influenced by the western culture back in the history, then our country would still have been a country rich of it's own culture. We have always been influenced by the western cultures since ages; so why blame new generations. The new generation is just following the legacy 'to follow the foreigners' which they have got in heritage. And I must say that they are following their forefathers very very honestly.
But as they say,"An old man gives good advice in order to console himself for no longer being able to set a bad example." That's exactly what our old men are doing. They are cursing the new-generation, because they want to hide their own mistake of following the foreigners. If you say this is not true, then I ask you that why was I fined in the school for NOT speaking in English. I was punished because my past generation believes that anything which is foreign is good. Our parents or the people of their ages or beyond have always made us believe, that whatever is imported is more worthy. We are just following our parents like good kids. That's our culture.