Sunday, December 28, 2008

A long look towards home

"A long look towards home" was the punch line which was printed on the tickets which we purchased for the Tibet Museum in McLodganj. I was home last weekend. It was a vacation due to Christmas. After a very tense couple of weeks a trip to my home was really refreshing. With me were my friends, Ish, Vaibhav, Gaurav and Ramji. The picture above is a landscape in Kangra. This is the highest I shaped valley in Asia (or in world... I am not sure :P). The structure which is visible at the top of this cliff is 'Kangra Fort'. We also visited MacLodGanj Temple, museum, Bhagsunaag Temple, and Jwalamukhi Mata Temple. I really enjoyed that. To tell the truth I don't want to live in Delhi. I want to live and work from my homeplace. I am keeping my fingers crossed :). Pray for me!