Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cartoon can do Web Designing also... Ha Ha

This time I am adding Some of my Designs which I have created from scratch.

The Sunflower Design is the oldest of all these three and I like it most. It took a lots of time. I was at the basic level of CSS at that time. Alot has chaged since then :)

This is a proposed design for 'Insignia of Eminence', our still on dreams company :)

This was the old design for the iEminence , short for 'Insignia of Eminence' yet registered. Actually both these names are our trademarks (again in dreams) so don't try to copy them otherwise I can sue you :)
The journey doesn't end here, I have a lots of designs and as soon I'll get time again I'll put them on the web. Keep looking up ... Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photoshop this time

I was really busy Last week... so didn't get time to enter any new entry. May be going to be busy this week too. This Sunday I was working on Photoshop and edited Pictures of few of my VERY good friends :) . Hope you'll like them.
All of u are welcome to enter their comments, or to send their own photos to be stylized... but I'll charge for that... ha ha The payments will be taken by your grand children :)

Cartoons will be shown next week... this time Enjoy these CARTOONS.
Keep Smiling