Friday, August 8, 2008

Cartoon at Narin's home

It has really been long since I have done any blog entry. Everybody today is blogging. Even Bollywood Superstarts have started using these blogs to abuse their co-starts. It' a good and easy way to gain popularity. Who am I? I am nobody compared to these superstars. I am just another regular guy, trying to create space for myself.
Today, I am in Jalandhar. Goraya exactly [like you care!]. I am here with my friend and roommate for last seven years Narin Kalra. I am doing this blog entry through his home. The last time I did any sketching was... I don' t remember. No Sketch, so no blog. I have gone so much busy with my office life that I am forgetting everything, but then all of us have become busy. I miss those times when people were excited to see my sketches. When they were pouring in ideas and waiting patiently to let me finish up. Those days are gone with the time and we have gone busy like anything. But somehow today, I brought these few minutes to enter this blog entry. I have taken a day off on Monday, just to relax. I guess we'll be going to 'Rangla Punjab' tonight and am planning to go to home for a weekend near our Independance Day.

While I am here, I have helped Narin to earn some reputation in front of his parents by creating a static site for his father's confectionary business. Attaching a snapshot. Nothing more this time...