Friday, February 27, 2009

I know love hurts... so what?

Once more, the same ol' topic of times...Love hurts... it hurts like anything... It gives you all the pain in the world, but then it's the fastest healer too. Ya! ya! I know time is the greatest healer... that's why I said 'fastest' not the greatest you dumbhead!. When I look around I find everybody in this pain. Everybody is hurt for the love of something or somebody. Vaibhav is ready to kill for it[not in the literal sense], Madhu is waiting for it, Manveen has lost it[or found it? nevermind!] and even the macho-man Harry is sad due to this; It's all love. These all chimps sit and pretend to work in the same office in which I am. If you know that you have got your love [and I am NOT talking about your girlfriend/boyfriend only] at your side, then nothing can stop you from being happy. But does it last forever? I doubt that. But you know, we 'humans' are a bunch of hypocritical animals. Whenever love hurts us, we try to find it in some other things, in a way we all change our so called 'love' time to time, day by day, but then nobody can love something for ever. If it were true then I still would have been loving my 'toy-horse' which my Masiji [My Ma's sister] gifted me when I was three. 'Love' changes, we do it, to overcome the pain begetted by the last 'love' of ours.
So guys if you think you are in real pain, then tell yourself, that it's time for a change. Start loving my blog [and post some 10 comments everyday] OTHERWISE do what I did, Go get it!

This time I am posting a religious kind of item. I drew this on the special suggestion of Vinay Thakur [another chimp!] when we were in the first year of B.Tech. I am posting 'Vishnu ji' this time because I really want him to bestow his blessings on you, so that you all can have the courage to claim your love or to start loving my blog. It's now your call!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho!

This is the time when India is enjoying (and few are cursing) the fact that 'Slumdog Millionaire' has won 8 Oscars. I am really proud and happy for A. R. Rehman. I have always adored his music. He must be enjoying the winning of two oscars and my roommate Narin is enjoying his engagement ;) Yeah! Yeah! he got engaged. This happened on Saturday. While I was watching DevD and fantasizing, he was actually talking to 'his girl for life'. He seemed happy when he talked to me, but like any other guy, he was afraid as his days of freedom are going to be over soon. With such a large circle of friends as he has got... this is really an issue for consideration, but life is a set of changes. 'We have been roommates for about eight years, now it's going to change', I told him. He said, 'It will take at least an year and maybe, by then you'll be married too. We'll continue to go for family tours.' Ha! we all keep on planning, through out our lives. Even when we die, a millions of plans remain unattended in our minds. So many plans and so many failures. So much pain. In short, throughout our lives we plan to get hurt.
Cartoons don't plan, they go with the wind. They are just a window to whatever has happened or is happening around, with no future and... no plan.

The College Library is best place to see the blooming of half of the college love affairs. You doubt that? Remember your college library or go to your college library [if you are still student], you'll find the topper of your class touching the guy besides her carelessly, at places and vice-versa ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emotional Atyachaar

I saw 'Dev D' last Saturday. The movie was all about 'I am slut'. I liked the movie. I liked the way the real nature of the boy-girl relationships was displayed in the movie. Paro was 'hot'. I loved it when she said, 'Mein pagal ho rahi hoon' on phone. First on phone, then in Dev's room, then near the gusalkhana, then the boldest and [the best ;)] scene 'ganne ke khet mein' [sugarcane fields], it was all about S. E. X. and I was sitting in the middle of two girls. lucky me! I am still confused whether she (Paro) had really done 'it' with her 'naukar' [Sunil] or not. Then there was Chanda. A sweet but spoiled child. A divine prostitute, sex worker, escort or like she said randi . I liked her role. And 'Dev'... phew! he was the biggest of the sluts, who screwed himself. I also liked the way the story writer has changed the ending from that of the conventional 'Devdas' [Don't ask me how... go watch movie]. Moral of the story: Indian Cinema is getting bolder and we have started talking about sex as another activity Ha! strange. [I wonder what my parents have to say about it ;) :P]
I also read ‘Of course I love you!... till I find someone better’. Once someone told me to read ‘P.S. I love you’ but I know that would be painful for me, so I ended up reading a book with almost the same name. Kiddin! ;) I just got this book from Manveen accidentally. For the first 100 pages the book was awful. I was cursing myself, why I started reading this. The book was full of mindless affairs, girls, kisses and sex, but then a breakup happened in the middle of the book and the other half of the book suddenly became awesome. The main character of the book was in agony, real agony. I sometimes think that its always other people’s agony which gives us pleasure. More the other person is in pain, more happy we are. Or may be the Newton’s law of energy applies to happiness also. ‘The happiness is constant. It can never be created nor be destroyed; It can only be transferred from one person to another or transformed from one form to another. Whatever, but I believe that you can spread happiness even in the most painful days of yours. Like ‘Deb’ in the book did for ‘Amit’ and ‘Astha’ [I liked that part a lot] or like I am doing by showing you this:

This item which I have posted today, reminds me of the days (rather nights) which we have spent copy > pasting the assignments and completing just a lecture before or sometimes after the due dates. Most of the engineers are dextrous in this at least ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exams were fun... like movies are

Yesterday I saw two movies... 'Seven Pounds' and 'Momento'. Both the movies have one thing in common... 'dead wife'. One more thing was common... 'Awesome presentation'. It has always fascinated me, the way directors (or editors) play with the time quotient in such kind of movies. 'Will Smith' is really great actor. It's not like that I haven't liked his acting skills in 'MIB' or 'Independence Day', but the movie which made him much better actor in my eyes was 'Hitch'. It seems to me that I watch too many movies. Day before yesterday, I was watching 'Something gotta get' starring 'Jack Nicholas'. That movie was really lovely.

The item posted above is another tribute to the Examinations. I have always loved exams as they have always given me a feeling that I am cool. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cartoon was hurt... but not physically... strange!!!

Pooh got married. She and Mohit were a looking very good as a couple. I was in Patiala for the same occasion which incredibly was on Valentine's Day. I’ve never given much of an importance to this day. I don’t know what is the need of this day in India, but I am not against it either. Instead I hate those who are opposing it or creating nuisance on this day by creating violence in the name of culture. The culture of the country which I know as India, as my country, is peaceful and accepting. We as Indians have accepted the cultures from all over the world, though with some modifications according to our own, but we have... accepted. Acceptance is our culture. Free thinking is our culture. We believe in ‘live and let live’.
For last few weeks, I was thinking through my heart. I don’t know why and how the sentimental guy inside me was on rage. That sentimental guy inside me instigated me to do things which I would have never done in my own self. Blame it on the love songs or the pheromones or the sketch which I have got on my wall, I was thinking of love whereas the truth is... there is nothing like love, it’s only lust. I guess once more I have touched the controversial topic of Love vs Lust. I am not so good at this love thing, so I think I should leave this topic. It can only hurt and it's not the first time that I am hurt. Also, I am sure that it's not the last. As Def Leppard says, "I'll love again" [may be the same girl ;)]. Enough of this love-bullshit, 'the Cartoon' can not think or love. It's heinous crime in my world.
Now lets get down to business. The sketch which I have pulled out of my carton today was tooned by me when I was teaching in CEC, Landran [Yeah! Yeah! I can teach too Ha!]
I guess you have also seen this kind of scenes while you were in college ;)