Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tarun Flashed

No comments. huh? Hmm... that means nobody reads my blog anymore. No problem! that won't stop me from blogging. I'll keep doing that. Today, I have picked up Tarun's caricature from my carton to display you. I have just finished it. Comments awaited.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Macromedia Flash is one of my favorite tools. After a long time I got chance to do my favorite thing using this tool. Drawing. Although drawing on a software is not as awesome as it is on a paper with a pen, but yes the fun is very much similar. I'll try to post some step by step tutorial to do so sometime later.

So all you guys be ready, because after me now it is your turn to be tooned. I'm not sure who is next, but one by one I'm gonna toon you all. Sounds like I have become a magician who is ready to jinx you all. I know I suck at metaphors, but I'm sure you got my point.

Have fun!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Carton of the cartoon

I tried my hands on Inkspace. It's an open source vector image manipulation software. There are number of step by step tutorials over there. I have followed one of these tutorials and came up with the logo for my blog. Hope you like it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gappu aur Kallu ki mulakat - Episode Three

Everytime they meet an episode is created. I hope you have liked Episode One and Episode Two
So Kallu and Gappu meet again. Kallu is going to be married and is in his courtship period while Gappu as always is his best friend.
Kallu: Man! my marriage is not going to work...

Gappu: Damn! That was a very immense statement. What happened bro!
Kallu: It was my birthday yesterday...
Gappu: It was your birthday yesterday???
Kallu: Yeah! It was...and like always you forgot it my BEST FRIEND!!!
Gappu: Oh! Happy Birthday Man! Where’s my party?
Kallu gives Gappu a look. Normally guys don’t understand looks. But this one was very much clear to Gappu. It said something like, “One more word and you are a dead man.”
Gappu: Ok, so what happened with Meenu? Did you saw some very hot chick on your birthday who was ready to go down on the very first night and now you are having second thoughts about your marriage?
Kallu: No ass! It’s nothing like that. I’m an honest man and I love Meenu a lot!
Gappu: Bah! Love ! Ha Ha... anyways, what’s the scoop here?
Kallu: Meenu spent whole day with me and night too, I was forbidden to meet any of my friends on that day, not even you. My cell phone was off and all she gifted me was a big teddy bear and 2 black chocolates
Gappu (with surprised look): She was with you the whole night?
Kallu: Shut Up Gappu! You are not listening.
Gappu: Oh Ok! So what’s the deal! She gifted you something.
Kallu: A TEDDY-BEAR and some fuckin’ chocolate!
Gappu: yeah.. YEAH??? What??? She gifted you girly gifts?
Kallu: Yes! Even on MY birthday, she was pleasing herself.
Gappu: That means you were not able to make it throughout the night?
Kallu: What difference it makes? She’s my fiancĂ©e and we are going to make it soon... after marriage.
Gappu: ...which you think is not going to work, because she gifted you some damn soft-toy...huh?
Kallu: Man! She claims that she cares for me, but the truth is she cares only for her. She only wants me to care for her, to leave everything else and placate her. I’m done with it, I have a life to live.
Gappu: Hmmm! What are you thinking of presenting her, on your ‘suhaag-raat’ [wedding night]
Kallu: You present some gift on ‘suhaag-raat’ also?? What for?
Gappu: It’s known as ‘muh-dikhayi’. You have to do it before removing her ‘ghunghat’. Otherwise you are not going to have 'that'.
Kallu: Oh really!!! Damn these customs. Hmm... lemme think of a gift. What about a camera? It will be useful, throughout life.
Gappu: Don’t you think it’s ‘a guy thing’?
Kallu: ya! But I’ll capture her images too in that camera. Our memories .. .you know!
Gappu: See! This is human. We all try to gift to our loved ones what we want to get. It’s a human way of telling your loved ones that this is what would make you happy. For example, if a girl is showing you care she wants you to care for her more.
Kallu: Care for her all of the time!!! 24 X 7 what am I? Her Mama?
Gappu: Ya! Girls are a bit crazy
Kallu: Yes Girls ARE CRAZY!!!
Gappu: ...but that’s what makes them interesting subject. That’s why we like them. What say?
Kallu: (giggling) yeah! Love ‘em.... Oops! ‘Her’.
Gappu: So you gonna marry 'her'?
Kallu: Damn yes man! what do you think? I was just fed up.
Gappu: So you are ready to spend your whole life with her, even if she doesn't make 'that' with you through out your life?
Kallu: That's not gonna happen...
Gappu: How can you be sure? She didn't make it on the night of your birthday... Your night.. you know.
Kallu: Shut Up Gappu!
Gappu: OK! you 'love' her. :)... for sure.
In this sketch I did another attempt to figure out a girl. This time a more serious sketch but definitely not a best shot.

Auto-rickshaw Diaries - One

Two girls, really fat girls, were sitting across in the auto-rickshaw lately. They saw a girl with well maintained figure across the road. One said,"Too skinny". Other said,"Yeah". First One said,"My doctor says that I am having exact weight and shape what a girl of my age should have." She was a college going girl and mind it she was overweight, too much overweight. Other one chimed in like,"Of course you are. I yesterday had my weight done and I am just 50Kgs." Blow me down! that girl was nothing less than 80 Kgs. Ok I exaggerated; she was about 70 Kgs. Then they looked at me and said in unison,"So what if we've some baby-fat, we are cute".
Then a thought came to my mind. We all keep lying to hide our incapability or our weaknesses. We 'ALL' do it. Either by getting defensive or by getting aggressive, by doing self-pity or by self-importance, we all display a dishonest attitude towards our own-selves.

I find it difficult to sketch girls. One of the beautiful creations by the almighty. But in this piece of mine, I have tried to create a girl cartoon. Hope you people like it. Do let me know your views.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are the magicians

We are all fascinated by the magic... by miracles. We all know that everybody else gets impressed by the magic. We all want to do the magic. That's why we keep telling people,"See! I did it" but we always try to hide,"How?". Because that is the trick. And if that trick is told then the magic is gone. You would NOT be considered wizard.
If the boss assigns a work and stand over your head, you'll not be able to perform. Nobody wants to be monitored. Because that ruins the trick. Everybody wants to say,"Assign work and I'll give the results". Everybody wants to keep the secret within. The secret of converting task to result.
If your loved one asks you,"How do you know that chocolate is my favorite?" You'll never say,"It is liked by every girl" or you won't tell,"It was just a coincidence". You'll tell her,"I just know you". You were just being the magician hiding the truth.
Everybody wants to be the magician, the dexterous wizard. Those who don't want to be wizards, become spectators in this arena called life. Much better wizard means, you know more tricks than others. More tricks you know, more successful you are. More success... more magic.
We see magic in our daily life. We see children growing. We see trees getting taller. Flowers blossoming everywhere around us. But we are so blind to appreciate this magic. Magic is everywhere around. We are just busy enough to appreciate it.

I drew this sketch on a whiteboard in the office while having a Hi-Tea Party in the celebration for Holi. It was less than 5 minutes effort. I'll try to convert it into vector-image soon, may be after holi. By the way, it's today... Happy HOLI!!! :)