Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mess in the Mess

Sokhi, Bhatia, Dheeru these names remind me of the days when we had to eat potatos potatos and potatoes all the day. But whatever you say those fightings with the mess managers, those strikes for the better food, that standing in the lines for breakfast... I miss them all a lot...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jadon asi katthey ho ke fateh balaunde si

Transportation is an integral part of every institution. So it was for our college too. In the first year travelling in college bus was really fun. We have enjoyed each and every time we have spent in our Bus... Do you remember any good incident you'd like to share ?

We performed our practicals really well - Part4

This is the last item of this 'Practicals' series. The idea behind this item is EE lab... Short for Electrical Engineering Lab. We had a Lab Assistant Mr. Anil. .. but we used to call him 'Bijli'. Remember guys?? He was very energetic man but humare agay kiski chalti thi ... he he

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We performed our practicals really well - Part3

This happened in 'Physics' Lab ... not exactly... just a wild imagination... but Physics practicals were very interesting practicals... specially those which were performed in dark room :0 what say??

We performed our practicals really well - Part2

After all I am an Computer Engineer... How could I forget that I also performed a lots of thing in my Computer Lab. Hey guys do you remember Saini sir and P5? again... no offenses , I have full respect for them but you know life is fun when you are a cartoon :p

We performed our practicals really well - Part1

Through out the engineering one has to perform many experiments... We also performed them and we really performed them well. watch out urself. This was FM(Fluid Mechanics) lab. I don't know they r teaching this subject to Computer Science Students or not but they use to teach it in the first year. Jujhar Singh used to teach us FM. nice man!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One more religious items

Hi all thankz for appreciating my work. I'll try to keep it updated. Yet I have not added any newly made items to my carton, but soon you'll see the fresh maal , till then enjoy the Ol' ones... :) Keep posting ur comments
This one was made by me when I was in seventh, so I guess its the oldest one of my creations :) Strange I created a God when I was just a kid ( no offenses ) :)

the Cartoon is God fearing

I made it when I was in 10th. Yeah! Yeah! I was a spiritual kid... Vinay wants me to stay like that but you know... Maya is very strong... Hey! Maya is not my GF. kaam kroth maya ... i mean :) .You just enjoy the pic na!

Remember Bali ???

This item came into existence when we were in the first year and were not allowed to go out even in the free periods. The only time left with us was our lunch period. Though Mr. Bali was not one of them but he's always been my favorite target to be cartooned. Remember Bali Sir guys?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some things are really dreadful

This was drawn by me when I was in college... preparing for some exams. As the people, who know me, they also know that sketching is my favorite stress-buster (after sleeping :p)

This was done during some exams. Hostels suck all the electricity during examinations. I was always wondering why the electricity was cut during exams... but later on I found out that it was also one of our friends' prank. Am I right?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

those old days

Now I am going to bring out some of the creations which remind me about my college days and I am sure will do the same to you... then like Bryan Adams "Those were the best days of my life"

Second Item out of the carton

I am feeling lucky to see that I've been able to bring out two items out of my box at the same day... Enjoy! and please don't forget to throw a comment or compliment :) asdf

First item out of the carton

This is my first item which I am putting on this blog... Hope you are going to like it... I may be that you have already seen it... but still I feel like this should be my first picture to be uploaded to my blog... Please do leave the comments