Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cartoon can do Web Designing also... Ha Ha

This time I am adding Some of my Designs which I have created from scratch.

The Sunflower Design is the oldest of all these three and I like it most. It took a lots of time. I was at the basic level of CSS at that time. Alot has chaged since then :)

This is a proposed design for 'Insignia of Eminence', our still on dreams company :)

This was the old design for the iEminence , short for 'Insignia of Eminence' yet registered. Actually both these names are our trademarks (again in dreams) so don't try to copy them otherwise I can sue you :)
The journey doesn't end here, I have a lots of designs and as soon I'll get time again I'll put them on the web. Keep looking up ... Enjoy!

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