Friday, February 27, 2009

I know love hurts... so what?

Once more, the same ol' topic of times...Love hurts... it hurts like anything... It gives you all the pain in the world, but then it's the fastest healer too. Ya! ya! I know time is the greatest healer... that's why I said 'fastest' not the greatest you dumbhead!. When I look around I find everybody in this pain. Everybody is hurt for the love of something or somebody. Vaibhav is ready to kill for it[not in the literal sense], Madhu is waiting for it, Manveen has lost it[or found it? nevermind!] and even the macho-man Harry is sad due to this; It's all love. These all chimps sit and pretend to work in the same office in which I am. If you know that you have got your love [and I am NOT talking about your girlfriend/boyfriend only] at your side, then nothing can stop you from being happy. But does it last forever? I doubt that. But you know, we 'humans' are a bunch of hypocritical animals. Whenever love hurts us, we try to find it in some other things, in a way we all change our so called 'love' time to time, day by day, but then nobody can love something for ever. If it were true then I still would have been loving my 'toy-horse' which my Masiji [My Ma's sister] gifted me when I was three. 'Love' changes, we do it, to overcome the pain begetted by the last 'love' of ours.
So guys if you think you are in real pain, then tell yourself, that it's time for a change. Start loving my blog [and post some 10 comments everyday] OTHERWISE do what I did, Go get it!

This time I am posting a religious kind of item. I drew this on the special suggestion of Vinay Thakur [another chimp!] when we were in the first year of B.Tech. I am posting 'Vishnu ji' this time because I really want him to bestow his blessings on you, so that you all can have the courage to claim your love or to start loving my blog. It's now your call!


Mrs Brar said...

Happiest feeling is to be 'beloved', but we human don't accept it usually. Love is not to run after and get it. when it is spontaneous it gives happiness. I believe we should marry the one who loves us but not the one whom we love.

krsna said...

Thanks Aman - One of strong point is your helping nature and you always seek that how to make others happy. That's why u are loved by others. During B.Tech U have drawn Vishnu Ji and now it is on Cartoon Walls ....How lovely all these momemts.... Keep on Blogging and Sketching :).