Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Exams were fun... like movies are

Yesterday I saw two movies... 'Seven Pounds' and 'Momento'. Both the movies have one thing in common... 'dead wife'. One more thing was common... 'Awesome presentation'. It has always fascinated me, the way directors (or editors) play with the time quotient in such kind of movies. 'Will Smith' is really great actor. It's not like that I haven't liked his acting skills in 'MIB' or 'Independence Day', but the movie which made him much better actor in my eyes was 'Hitch'. It seems to me that I watch too many movies. Day before yesterday, I was watching 'Something gotta get' starring 'Jack Nicholas'. That movie was really lovely.

The item posted above is another tribute to the Examinations. I have always loved exams as they have always given me a feeling that I am cool. ;)


Mrs Brar said...

Oh! I just hate exams, How can someone Love exams sounds strange to me cartoon ;)

RidersOntheStorm said...

For me, meaning of 'Exams' is quite different, it was the only oppurtunity where we (some good old chums of mine) can prove ourselves as we always evaded the lectures, occasionally submit our assignments, couldn't better the sessional exams.So, we had just got 'Exams' and we always did exceptionally well (Honestly!) to show our mettle to our gurus

The Cartoon said...

I had some genuine reasons to like exams:
1. Girls used to surround me in those days ;) I was good at Mathematics
2. It was the time when most of the hostel used to treat me as King. I was a nerdy kinds so... [u understood my point I guess ;)]
3. This was the time when even the biggest guy of the class would come and greet me.