Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho!

This is the time when India is enjoying (and few are cursing) the fact that 'Slumdog Millionaire' has won 8 Oscars. I am really proud and happy for A. R. Rehman. I have always adored his music. He must be enjoying the winning of two oscars and my roommate Narin is enjoying his engagement ;) Yeah! Yeah! he got engaged. This happened on Saturday. While I was watching DevD and fantasizing, he was actually talking to 'his girl for life'. He seemed happy when he talked to me, but like any other guy, he was afraid as his days of freedom are going to be over soon. With such a large circle of friends as he has got... this is really an issue for consideration, but life is a set of changes. 'We have been roommates for about eight years, now it's going to change', I told him. He said, 'It will take at least an year and maybe, by then you'll be married too. We'll continue to go for family tours.' Ha! we all keep on planning, through out our lives. Even when we die, a millions of plans remain unattended in our minds. So many plans and so many failures. So much pain. In short, throughout our lives we plan to get hurt.
Cartoons don't plan, they go with the wind. They are just a window to whatever has happened or is happening around, with no future and... no plan.

The College Library is best place to see the blooming of half of the college love affairs. You doubt that? Remember your college library or go to your college library [if you are still student], you'll find the topper of your class touching the guy besides her carelessly, at places and vice-versa ;)


RidersOntheStorm said...

Hats off to A R Rehman, he deserved this honour but not sure about the movie S M.... lot of talk is going in and around this.... we can afford to leave it here. Yeah, College Library, the place for blooming college love affairs and we used to walk in our college library to keep trace of these naughty affairs [as we were never engaged in such things in college and never even tried] and believe me it turned out really nasty for our close friends trying to act as studious in front of their so called soulmates.

Aneja said...

Yaar time is big factor and now A R Rehman got the benefit of time and his caliber. He really deserves for oscar.
Ya paaji has been engaged, It's really nice. When are you going to take step for bounding yourself ;).

Library - This word is really touch the heart. We can't forget those day.. One more thing Lab is also good one space for getting lovely moment.

Love and Book both touch the heart of everyone..I am not sure for everybody, however I am sure for you.. Both things has been become part of your life. Hope you will understand... :)

Mrs Brar said...

A R Rehman deserved it and he got it but We should not forget Resul Pookutty, he surprised everyone with this great acheivement