Monday, April 13, 2009

Cartoon was busy lately

It's been quite a while since I have added any entry to my blog... A lot happened during this period which kept me busy. My bro got hit [no.. no.. he's not a celebrity]. He just met an accident on 20th last month. I know he is a rash driver, but cursing him is not going to do any good to him or us. So lets cut the crap, he is now on bed with two screws in his left leg. Recovering fast... he's the man!
I also went to Salasar, Rajasthan to pay my obeisances to 'balaji' and had my head shaved too ;) [don't give me a look like I have put shit on my head].
Recession has affected the whole world. Sometimes I doubt that, is there really some slump going on or is it some kind of strategy which our so called 'bosses' have invented to fill in their pockets instead ot ours? Anyways this tragedy hit some of my chimps too :( There was a lots of politics, conspiracies, gossips, bitching and back-biting while all this laying off was going on and I was sincerly involved in all that. Ha! These all things have kept me busy lately.

I drew this while traveling to Salasar. I figured out that it's difficult to draw in a moving car. I 'll never try that again :P This time scanner didn't work as it used to and I used a different image editing software to clear the image. In conclusion, I messed this image up... but I wanted to share it, so enjoy and shoot me with your critics :) Jai Bajrang bali! God Bless you All!

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Riders On the Storm said...

This is what we all call 'LIFE', when everything is moving smothly,suddenly 'LIFE' storms and disturbs everything. BUT these storms are temporary and bound to happen. Don't worry everything will be in place again. Btw you look cool with shaven head (Keep away from crows ! hahahahaha)