Monday, April 20, 2009

A bumpy ride on the edge

One more Monday... Normally it's impossible to enter a blog entry on a Monday, as Mondays are the busiest of the days, but somehow I have got time today. I wanted to say 'Luckily I got time...', but the thing is that, in these days of recession having free time in office is a quite dangerous thing. If you are blogging and that too from the office then that means your job is definitely in jeopardy. But then, this is life in a cartoon's way... 'A Bumpy Ride On The Edge'. A number of confusions, needs and compromises are going on but again this is life and I guess these 'things' are never going to seize, they will keep on coming, with different looks and different sizes.

What would you do, if you have got a complex mathematical equation to solve and you don't know the exact formula to solve it?
Option A: Keep on doing hit and trail to create your own formula
Option B: Look towards your nearby sheet for help
Option C: Leave the question and go out to have some air
Option D: Leave the question and start whining (or crying)

This question has nothing to do with Mathematics. This is a question which life presents us with everyday, ever moment. None of the options above is wrong, it's just that, whatever option we choose, defines our nature, our behavior, our ideas about living, or our... Attitude. Try to keep it positive. Have Luck!

The item which I have brought out of my carton today is again 'Hanuman' ji in some angry mood. I like drawing Bajrangbali because, He gives me too many options to explore. You can draw a great physique, can play with the hairs, can put some comic-put with the tail, you don't have to care much about face and above all, you get the blessings of the Lord. So go ahead and try it youself... Jai Bajrangbali :)

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