Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well! I was watching television at Didi's place and noticed that whenever we are watching television in a group (read in family) then there is a continuous fight for 'the' remote control. Why so? What do you think why everybody wants to keep that small box in their own hands? I think because everybody craves for control. Everybody wants to control the television. Everybody loves power and that small box known as 'remote control' gives you a sense of power, a power to control. That reminds me of a thought which says that we all are controlled. We all are in the illusion that everything is in our control and we can control it. We think that we can control everything, but can we? Put every question aside, just answer a simple question, can you control yourself? Well I was looking at my picture which was just a decade old. I saw that I had too much of hair over my head at that time. I was so lean and so young. I see at that picture and felt like that kid is dead. I am never going to be the one which I was ten years ago. I can't control it. I can't control even myself. I am being controlled and that makes me nostalgic. We spend all of our lives to get a little more control over our lives. Every bit of time we try to control the people around us, people we love, people we despise. But the irony is we are running behind our own tails. We are being... remote controlled. I don't know by whom.

Once more I have tried my hands on caricature. This time again the target is one of my colleague. Vaibhav Sharma is in my team and I am honored to have him by my side. He is the angry chimp of my team especially when it comes to girls. He just can't stand them but can't even live without them. That's why is also known as 'The Terrorist'. A rash driver, a defected piece, a slide mind but overall a good friend.


Aneja said...

Exactly everyone wants to control other people while no one able to control his self. It is true we are just running forward for future and just think about past. however it will better if we just think about present and make every moment happy without control.. because when we try to control then we cannot do completely fun....

Cartoon is nice... Defected to piece tha hi aap to pyar may janne kya kya hoga uska..... ;)

MB said...

There are few things that are actually governed by us ofcourse we cannot control our age but yeah we can control our behavior,we should control our liking and disliking.If we dont like any thing/one we should just accept it and move on dont just stay there and disturb yourselves and others, but again our ambition of control rises we want to control the things , we want them to be according to us.

Riders On the Storm said...

Hahahaha......Vaibhav on caricature!! good job man, couldn't get better than this.
The magic word 'Control',everyone wants to control one thing or another...And this is human tendency to keep things under their control......Not sure how many of them succeeds!!

Vaibhav said... looking good on caricature ;) and as far as the word 'Control' is concerned its true that everyone want the power but few people get that. I am very much agreed with Ish too that 'everyone wants to control other people while no one able to control himself'.
Caricature is really handsome, good job dude... and i guess am not a rash driver as i have total 'Control' when i ride my bike and drives others car :D

The Cartoon said...

Thanks All, and V u r rash driver though u r not rough but u r rash... speed thrills but it kills man! ha ha