Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two marriages in a row

It's been long since I have entered any post on my blog. So where was I busy? Hmm... forget that, lets see what's new. It was a marriage season. We Hindus are married in slots. In specific months of each year on very specific dates. We do not have a privilege to choose a suitable Sunday and get married in an hour. Our marriages are 'hoolah over the moolah'. I hate them. Why? Number one, they are very long. some marriages take three-four days and sleepless nights or even more to complete. Number two, they are expensive, mind it, very very expensive. Only the garlands over grooms neck are worth hundred-thousands. Number three, they are loud and crowdy. Number four, free-food and free-wine, provoke people to shout, dirty dance and fight.

No... I didn't get married. Actually I attended marriages of two of my best pals this month. Kapil and Narin, both are married now ['separately' for those who picked up their eyebrows. You should know that Rule 377 has been decriminalized :P]. Gone are the days, when they could gaze any girl top-to-bottom on the way and pass a comment over their assets. Gone are the days, when they could spend nights roaming around the city doing nothing important. Gone are the days, when they could fight with anybody in town just because he had squinted their friend. Gone are the days, when they could take the calls from anybody, at any hour of the day or night. Gone are the days of girl friends, of go-crazy-get-together's. Now their booze will be counted, their hours out of home will be kept record of. They'll have to give reasons for every decision they make. They'll now have to decide the colors for the things they haven't thought of ever. But this all is worth doing as they have got their better halves to complete themselves :)

I'm never going to forget that Kapil lost his 'wedding ring' just two days before his marriage and that he made me to shovel a big heap of concrete with bare hands to find that ring. I lost six precious hours of my precious life to find that precious piece of gold and diamond. I guess that was also worth it :) I just wish I never ever have to search for anything else related to his married life. It was one of the marriages where the 'dulha' (groom) was dancing alone on the Dance Floor. Nobody can match Kapil when he dances in mood, so he was left alone at a time. God bless him and Mili :)

Narin's marriage was one of the most ostentatious marriage I have ever seen. It was a typical Punjabi-marriage. There were Loads of edibles, Rivers of liquor, multiple cuisines, dancers in skimpy-skimpy clothes, charmers, pyro-performers, fountains of rose petals, fat men packed in suits that doesn't fit their size and beautiful ladies with ready-to-explode-bossoms. Narin and Meenal were looking awesome on the revolving stage under the shower of roses. God bless them too. I'm never going to forget how Narin was trying hard to make Meenal dance :P he he

Marriage season is proportional to illness. I also spent one week in bed due to this seasonal fever. I'm lucky I wasn't listed in this slot. Next slot will take at least six months, that means I still have atleast six months of freedom. Yes Guys! whether you want to accept it in front of your ladies, but you all know that man is free only when he is bachelor. So be envious of me :) he he till I join you jailbirds :)

No sketch this time. A lot of turbulence is going on in every front of the life, I'll try to sketch up something pretty soon.

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