Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gappu aur Kallu ki mulakat - Episode Two

Ok! so you guys like them in EPISODE ONE... well! first of all a lot of thanks for your lovely comments. Gappu and Kallu also have a friend named 'Chinks'. She is not as happening as her friends are but still a character is a character. So let me present to you...


[Chinks is sitting on a bench in park. Her head hanging down. She has headphones of her iPod in her ears. Gappu and Kallu come to her]

Gappu: Hey Sweets! why are you looking like someone has hung a watermelon to your neck?

Chinks: sigh!!

Kallu: What happened Chinks? Why are you sighing?

Chinks: Please leave me alone...

Gappu: I guess she had a fight with her boy-friend again

Chinks: [shouting] I haven't talked to him since ages

Kallu: And how many days are there in those ages?

Chinks: [sadly] five months

Gappu: Five months??? Gimme a break gal! are you still sad for the same guy. Come On! forget him! five months is a big time

Kallu: Hey! don't be so rude... but Chinks he has got a point... you should move on

Chinks: No! I have tried everything to forget him... but I just can't

Gappu: Hey! I reckon I should bring my videocam she is about to cry Ha! Ha!

Kallu: Shutup! Gappu

[Kallu sits besides Chinks and pull off her headphones]
Chinks! first of all stop listening to the songs which you have sung or heard together or dedicated to each other. Any song which reminds of him

Chinks: All the songs remind of him

Gappu: Come On babe! your iPod needs a break. Even it's bored by your songs. You need a new playlist. Fill your jukebox with 'I'll survive' by 'Gloria Gayno' or 'Party like a rockstar' by '
Shop Boyz'. Start listening to hip-hop or dance numbers

Kallu: Yes! Change your playlist... stop listening to what reminds of him

Chinks: ...but he is everywhere. All the faces seem like him

Gappu: because you are finding him. Still searching for him... Still hoping that he'll come around and say 'hey baby! wanna mingle?'

Kallu: Mind it! he's not coming back

Chinks: No! I don't want to hear it. If I had one more chance. If I could talk to him one 'last' time. I would do anything to have him back

Kallu: There is nothing like 'last conversation'. You can just start it all over again...

Chinks: yes! I want to start it all over again... I want to erase all the mistakes... I just want to hold him one last time...

Gappu: ... timeout! there is no back-gear. If, by any darn chance he comes back... then you both are going to repeat the same mistakes and after few months we'll again be having similar kind of discussion. Accept it hon! it's over

Chinks: No! I saw him. he was sitting alone and very sad in his class

Kallu: Are you spying on him? still... He could be sad for any damn reason or may be he was not , he seemed sad to you becuase you wanted to see this. It's about six months honey...

Chinks:...no 'five'...

Gappu: ...whatever... if you could have done something about it, you alr
eady would have

Kallu: Yes dear! Gappu's harsh but right. You are running behind shadows. There is no happiness there. Forget him... move on!

Chinks: It's easy for you to say... but I'm the one who is in pain. Anywhere I go, I find myself sitting besides him, I find myself talking to him, conversating with myself when no one is around, even now I can feel him sitting besides me on this very bench where we sat when we dated for the third time and then it occurs to me, that he.. is... gone... he left me... It's like... one of my body part has been ripped off...

[and then 'it' happened, what Kallu was afraid of. Gappu missed his videocam. Chinks started crying]
Kallu: Chinks! this is the time to make memories... not to endure them. There will be a time in your life when you'll laugh at these moments

Gappu: Yes! come out... make new memories in the same places. Throw some bashing parties in all those places where you still see him

Kallu: Yeah! like from now on... remember this is the bench where you thought about him for the last time. Spend more quality time with your parents, with your siblings

Gappu:...with us... your friends

Kallu: Yeah! go spendin'! buy too many gifts for everyone and anyone. Try to be funny

Chinks: I'm not funny. Actually I am not happy even

Gappu: ...then pretend. You know once a priest had a chance
to meet the Pope. He asked,"Father! I m loosing faith in lord. How could I tell other people to have faith when I am not having it myself". You know what Pope said? He said,"Fake it"

Kallu: Yes! if you are not brave, pretend it... no body can tell the difference

Gappu: Try to solve other people's proplems. Be a 'love guru'... now that you are hurt in love, you got more experience and more in-depth knowledge about so called 'love'. Use it for better good

Chinks: Whenever I see a couple I feel more alone

Kallu: Next time smile at them and wish them luck. Believe me they are gonna need it :) as... everybody is having a complicated relationship... those who are with somebody want to feel the freedom.. and those who are without somebody want to be tied

Gappu: You know one always have power to put the weight down, no matter how much heavy it is. Life has a purpose and if you are not doing something about your purpose, you are wasting time.

Kallu: Recently I had a chat with an old friend, he told me that he has broken his guitar, because it used to remind him of her. I don't suggest you to do something that aggressive, it was his way of moving on, but if it helps then go for it.

Gappu: Yes! don't try to find what he is doing. just think he is happy and boozing hard with his friends...

Chinks: How could he be happy when I am sad

Gappu: Helloo! you are not connected now... Ok... you never were... He is a free animal now... He is happy or whatever you just don't care.. you just should not care. If he is not with you, then he's just not worth it. It's only your libido which is raging. World is full of guys honey! the boy-girl sex ratio is 10 isto 7

Chinks: [angrily] What are you suggesting, should I go and hit on every guy I find on my way?

Gappu: Why not?

Kallu: No! Chinks! what he is suggesting is that you have to keep sending a message to your head that you are more free and happy. Just open yourself and be ready to accept whatever life is going to gift you. Trust me you got a lot in your kitty, you are just ignoring it

Gappu: yeah! you could concentrate on your career

Chinks: I don't feel like doing anything

Kallu: Stop scratching your wounds... give them time to get healed

Gappu: Yeah! someone told me once...'no pain can last forever'. Time is a big healer. You can also try joining some Yoga classes or any kind of other spiritual hoolah for the moolah. It helps... I can bet on that

Kallu: Point is... just get envolved in anything and everything ... Life is short, don't waste it dear on something which is not worth it... Move On! Delete his number from all of your contact lists. Don't text him, don't email him, don't call him.

Gappu: No! No! call him one last time and abuse him, as bad as you can or want to

Kallu: I won't suggest that

Gappu: Like anything else, bad days are also temporary. You've already wasted six months...

Chinks: ...Five...

Gappu: ...yeah! whatever, in this time you could have lost 1o kilos

Chinks: What??? Do I look fat?

Gappu: Not a bit chick! what are you doing tonight?

Chinks and Kallu simultaneously: SHUT UP!

He! he! I hope you liked the episode two too. Anyways, if you are in the corporate world, then atleast you are definitely going to like the cartoon which I have brought out this time out of my carton. Job culture is disgusting everywhere. I sometimes think that this department known as 'Management' is an overhead. But as Gappu and Kallu told Chinks, if you are fed up of a job (or are frustrated by a relation which didn't work out)... shoot it out... just remember to give it your best shot... once you are conviced that you have honestly done whatever you could to save it... then its the time to come out... to move on


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