Sunday, February 28, 2010

We are the magicians

We are all fascinated by the magic... by miracles. We all know that everybody else gets impressed by the magic. We all want to do the magic. That's why we keep telling people,"See! I did it" but we always try to hide,"How?". Because that is the trick. And if that trick is told then the magic is gone. You would NOT be considered wizard.
If the boss assigns a work and stand over your head, you'll not be able to perform. Nobody wants to be monitored. Because that ruins the trick. Everybody wants to say,"Assign work and I'll give the results". Everybody wants to keep the secret within. The secret of converting task to result.
If your loved one asks you,"How do you know that chocolate is my favorite?" You'll never say,"It is liked by every girl" or you won't tell,"It was just a coincidence". You'll tell her,"I just know you". You were just being the magician hiding the truth.
Everybody wants to be the magician, the dexterous wizard. Those who don't want to be wizards, become spectators in this arena called life. Much better wizard means, you know more tricks than others. More tricks you know, more successful you are. More success... more magic.
We see magic in our daily life. We see children growing. We see trees getting taller. Flowers blossoming everywhere around us. But we are so blind to appreciate this magic. Magic is everywhere around. We are just busy enough to appreciate it.

I drew this sketch on a whiteboard in the office while having a Hi-Tea Party in the celebration for Holi. It was less than 5 minutes effort. I'll try to convert it into vector-image soon, may be after holi. By the way, it's today... Happy HOLI!!! :)

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