Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A sunny morning in Winters

Life can be lived in two ways -
  1. "Sab kucch theek ho jayega" means that "Everything will be alright"
  2. "Sab kucch theek hai" means that"Everything is alright
Either we can spend our lives waiting for a new dawn which will come through the darkest hours of our nights and spread up as happiness into our lives or we can keep on living like nothing bad is going on and all we have is now. All the happiness is now. There is nothing like a happiness which is to be found in the future.

Both these sentences are complete in themselves and in a sense both are incomplete. We can go on living with hopes for a better tomorrow or we can go on living with no awareness about tomorrow.

I think we should leave all those philosophical talks for now and concentrate on the item from the carton of the cartoon.

This picture is of my own kitchen garden in the backyard of my home. It was the sunlight which attracted me. A sunny morning in the winters is nothing but a precious gift.


RidersOntheStorm said...

For me its "Sab kucch theek hai" means that "Everything is alright". It is very important for me to have highly optimistic approach towards life because as a professional, i am a pessimist, always digging for flaws in other people's creations..... couldn't get it....nevermind.....BUT i am sure Cartoon will :)

Aneja said...

From my side.. 'Oh koi na'.. I have learnt from you... So It doesn't matter to me..sab kuch theek hai/ will be alright. You know sunlight at home always come with new attraction. Kitchen from garden my dream..
I spread few moments of my life with you at your home.. It was really nice for me.. I have seen my dream to go real. I'll pray to god for fulfill our dream. You know better then me about our dream :)