Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jolly Good Me

We do too many things, rather we spend our lives to be 'happy', but deep down we all know that it is a never ending quest. A war which we are never going to win. A pursuit which is never going to finish.
Why I am talking so pessimistically? Because I am not happy :) . I am NOT in my jolly-good nature. But I know that this will pass like any other phase of my life. The life goes on after-all. It's just a matter of days or may be hours if I am strong enough. May the almighty bless me with power to bear the pain which I have beget myself. Life is nothing, but a set of choices. We make it and then we regret.

By the way the item which I have brought out of my carton today is a picture of a direction-post near to my birth-place.

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