Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Year 2008 is a history now. We have left it behind but, the memories are still fresh. Like anybody else can say, "A lot has happened to me in this year". In this post I am posting some of the photographs of the last trip which I had to my home. Office is a boredom now. The environment and the politics at the workplace sucks now. May be it's due to the global frustration which is happening around due to the recession. World is becoming a bad-place-to-live-in day by day. But still there is a lot to see in this planet. Like the picture above is a place in Kangra, which you can see if you can risk parking your car in the middle of a curvaceous road. I always wanted to capture this scene on camera.

This picture is of the narrow gauge running between Pathankot and Joginder Nagar. This is one of the oldest rails laid in Himachal Pradesh. This one was laid when India was a british colony and was ruled by the Englishmen. Sometimes I think that all the progress which our state has done was in that rule, after that we became a set of poor people somehow. I am not sure how but I truely want to see it more prosperous than it ever was. Amen!

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