Friday, May 28, 2010

Auto-rickshaw Diaries - One

Two girls, really fat girls, were sitting across in the auto-rickshaw lately. They saw a girl with well maintained figure across the road. One said,"Too skinny". Other said,"Yeah". First One said,"My doctor says that I am having exact weight and shape what a girl of my age should have." She was a college going girl and mind it she was overweight, too much overweight. Other one chimed in like,"Of course you are. I yesterday had my weight done and I am just 50Kgs." Blow me down! that girl was nothing less than 80 Kgs. Ok I exaggerated; she was about 70 Kgs. Then they looked at me and said in unison,"So what if we've some baby-fat, we are cute".
Then a thought came to my mind. We all keep lying to hide our incapability or our weaknesses. We 'ALL' do it. Either by getting defensive or by getting aggressive, by doing self-pity or by self-importance, we all display a dishonest attitude towards our own-selves.

I find it difficult to sketch girls. One of the beautiful creations by the almighty. But in this piece of mine, I have tried to create a girl cartoon. Hope you people like it. Do let me know your views.

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Shafali said...

Nice expression:)
Guess it's easier to create portraits of girls than it is to create their cartoons or drawings.